Say What?? (Big bite)

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This treat is multi-size and multi-age friendly. Great for entertaining and challenging mature dogs and puppies alike.

We keep hearing that our canine clients just go bonkers for them!

Dehydrated USDA Inspected Pork Ears an all-natural chemical free treat for your k-nine kids.

Pig ears consist of cartilage and skin which are easily digested, unlike rawhide.

Due to the chewing motion involved when a dog enjoys these treats, pig ears have been proven to effectively remove plaque and tartar from dog’s teeth.It also helps to clean gums, freshen breath, and stimulate saliva glands.

We do not use any preservatives in of our products. Please keep refridgerated after opening.

Best if used 30 days after opening.


Protein (crude) 72.08%

Fat (crude) 21.02%

Fiber (crude) 3.70%

Moisture (crude) 8.50%


Please keep an eye on your 4-legged kids while feeding natural treats.

We suggest that the size be slightly larger than your pet’s mouth.

No treat is intended to be swallowed in large pieces.

Treats are intended as a snack, reward, or “good boy” present, not as a meal replacement.

Wash hands with soap and warm water after handling.

As a norm please have plenty of clean water available at all times.


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